Harold Naaijer was born in the Netherlands. With a special interest in the field of labour and political movements, he was educated in social science. In 1996 he started as a professional photographer.

In his search for the unlimited possibilities of the camera, Harold discovered the nature of the artistic process. While his passion for photography unfolded, he found out that his questions about reality, as well as his curiosity about authenticity and the way authenticity can be covered and glossed over, are best explored by the camera and the human eye. No force seems to be stronger than the force of imagination. Together with this, photography gives way to work with that other immense power: intuition.

As a contemporary nomad, his field of activity is all over the world. Harold sees changing places, as an important source for new ideas and images. He lived and worked in Utrecht (The Netherlands), Valencia (Spain) and Lisbon (Portugal). Currently his residency is in Vienna (Austria).

His work is exhibited in various group and solo shows in international galleries and art places in Austria, the Netherlands, Portugal, Finland and Syria.

In 2007 and 2008 Harold organised and curated the first and second edition of the International Photo Festival Portugal. Photographers from Europe, US and Asia participated in this event.

Various books were published, in collaboration with Dutch writers Donald Niedekker and Jan Keulen. In May 2021 his latest book 'Lisbon Diary' was published.

Harold Naaijer dedicates himself to the art of portrait photography. Among his clients are artists, politicians and entrepeneurs.